Poway School Point-of-Sale RFP

By | December 28, 2021

Poway Unified School District (PUSD) is seeking responses for a preferred provider of software and implementation services to include a point-to-point full-featured Web-Based Point-Of-Sales (POS) System. The proposed integrated software (hereinafter referred to as “the proposed software”) and corresponding services that may commence as a result of this RFP, will utilize the latest standards, design, and technologies to provide PUSD with, at a minimum, the following:

All-in-one Point of Sales (POS) system. SAAS model is preferred.
Ease of setup and use out of the box.
Easy-to-use sign off/on process.
Conduct regular transactions and accept multiple forms of payment.
Safeguard customer’s data with the latest in security technology including data tokenization and encryption.
Compatibility with different merchant services should PUSD decide to stay with the current merchant provider is preferred.
No credit card or customer information is stored on the devices or displayed on receipt
24/7 Customer Service via phone and/or email
Capability to export reports to an Excel spreadsheet
PCI compatible Network fail safe (keep entering cash sales information at the register while network is down)
Wi-Fi /IP mobile connectivity options
Barcode system
Provide powerful tools and advanced reporting capabilities for centralized and remote management of the POS system.
Use industry standard, non-proprietary equipment, including PC or tablet
Supports multiple user networking.
Provide user login IDs and passwords for users to uniquely authenticate themselves
Provide different levels of user roles and access
Have adequate security controls for user access
Support and incorporate a mix of operational and financial data
Provide robust reporting tools and features, including variance reports that offer real-time and historical data
The proposed software must be a web-based Point-Of-Sales System that can effectively provide the above mentioned capabilities and services in a user-friendly and flexible manner for Participants and their Authorized Users.

Significantly reduce the amount of cash and check collection by adding the ability to take credit and debit payments on site and/or online
Ability to create and track fines, fees, donations and charges by individual school, student and/or sub categories. Examples of collections and sub categories include library fines and fees, Associated Student Body (ASB) activity cards, teacher/class lab materials, teacher/class field trip educational opportunities, textbook fees, dances, theatre productions and fundraisers, club fees, registrations and dues, uniforms, student store operations, lunch and other food services, yearbook/annual, fingerprinting, archives, transcript purchases and donations, and employee COBRA contributions
Ability to apply all payments to correct students and accounts
Reduce the amount of administrative and reconciliation effort needed to manage cash and check collection
Reduce vulnerability to fraud and theft
Provide the ability to report on and display transactions by student, account, school, as well as create a one-stop location for parents and students to log in and see all transactions

Nice list of requirements

Software must meet the following requirements:

 Cloud based or SAAS model preferred
 Integrated credit card processing/authorization
 Support Multiple Tenders (Cash, Visa, Discover, Money Order, Check, Store Credit, Gift Certificate, etc.)
 Allow user definable tenders
 Allow split tender capability on invoice
 Search for items by SKU
 Search for items by model
 Search for items by description
 Display item availability/stock level
 Display item order date
 Display item description
 Display serial numbers
 Display item picture
 Scan bar codes at POS
 Issue discounts and change prices by line item or entire invoice
 Issue store credits
 Issue discounts and change prices by a certain percent or dollar amount
 Issue discounts by redemption items (coupons, rebates, etc.)
 Track multiple promotions
 Flag or display a message when discount is below cost
 Require management review when price is below cost
 Override automated discount (with appropriate user rights)
 Specify sales person
 Specify more than one sales person
 Issue a refund at the POS
 Print cash receipts
 Customize receipts and invoices by adding a logo
 Record lost sales from POS
 User definable keyboard shortcuts (Does not require mouse)
 Allows sale voids

2.Inventory Management
 Store and view item number information
 Store and view description information
 Allow user defined fields for each item
 Store and view a bar code number
 Assign and view a category for each item
 Track items by serial number if applicable
 Allows multiple serial numbers per item
 Search for inventory items by product line, item number, serial number, and description
 Automatically compute min-max inventory level based on sales history
 View usage history for each item
 Unlimited associated items or aliases
 Track offline inventory (items not for sale
 Manual update of inventory quantities with proper approval
 Allocation of inventory at time of sales
 Audit trail of inventory adjustments for reporting
 Inventory reporting

 Assign a different price level at the POS (Senior price, school discount, etc.)
 Assign, calculate and display sales tax based on predefined tax schedules
 Create price tables/matrixes that allow multiple pricing level
 Assign price levels based on customer type, department, category, price range, or region Set prices based on a pre-defined profit margin (Calculate price based on cost and margin) Allow mark down or discount merchandise with proper approval Audit trail of mark down, discount, and any other price adjustments for reporting

 Require management approval for the cashier to enter opening or closing amount
 Require management approval for cashier to change price at POS
 Allow item cost display at POS
 Require management approval for cashier to cash out at the closing
 Require management approval for manual discount
 Require management approval for sale voids
5.Sales Reports
 Sales totals by specified time of day, week, month or year
 Sales totals for each department, category, manufacturer or supplier
 Sales total by end-user/customer (i.e. student number)
 Sales by school grade levels
 Sales totals for each rep or cashier
 Number of items sold by time of day, week, month or year
 Number of items sold for each category
 Number of items sold based on top seller
 Number of items sold based on lowest seller
 Income statement report

6.Inventory Reports
 On hand inventory valuation reporting by item number, product line, category, and description
 Inactive, excess or obsolete inventory repo
 Fast and Slow moving inventory report
 Inventory transactions by item number, transaction type, category, or description
 Inventory status by item number, SKU, and serial number
 Serial number/SKU list
 Inventory turnover

7. Backup and Disaster Recovery

8. Custom Fields

9. Hardware
 Wireless and wired Credit Card Terminal with the following capabilities:
o Takes EMV, Magstripe and NFC/Contactless payments
o Dial and Ethernet connection
o Large Memory Capacity
o PCI PTS 2.x and 3.x certified with SRED and Open protocol modules
o Long battery life (Wireless)
o Built-in thermal printer (wireless)
o WiFi, Ethernet and 3G cellular technology (Wireless)
 Optional –
o Bar code scanner minimally capable of supporting Code 128, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13 and EAN-
8, ITF-14, and Code 39.
o Cash drawer controlled by the POS application
o Change dispenser
o Signature capture pad
o Touch screen monitor
o Receipt printer
o Portable data terminal (PDT) for physical counting
E-Commerce/website integration
Requires to use the software vendors shopping cart
Website orders created and posted in the POS system instantly
Website orders created and posted with an automatic polling system
Website order notification
Inventory relieved upon online order fulfillment
Allows selection of products to be displayed on the website directly from the inventory module
Real-time stock availability updates on the website
Stock availability updates with an automatic polling system
Automatic customer email notification for back orders, stock availability and shipping information

PUSD reserves the right to modify the scope of services at any time before execution of a contract to add,
delete, or otherwise amend any item(s), as it deems necessary, in its sole judgment, and in the best interest of

CA RFP-2022-07-POS-System-final