Visually Impaired Consumers & Payment Terminals

By | December 6, 2022

Update on Ingenico Accessibility Options

Video link on LinkedIn of Ingenico’s strategy for visually impaired consumers for payment terminals without a physical pin pad.   Basically Ingenico is developing a plastic grid overlay that could be put on the terminal that could be used with text-to-speech prompts.  The plastic grid overlay could be handed out by the retailer to consumers upon request that corresponds to the virtual keypad displayed allowing visually impaired consumers to use a virtual keyboard with text-to-speech prompts through the speaker.   This has been done this for our SELF Series, Self-Service devices.  The SELF Series can support an external kiosk speaker that provides the audio prompts.

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Grid for Self Series — What is it

  • Plastic Grid
  • For Self/2000 or Self/5000
  • Easy to put on the screen
  • Stays in place during transaction
  • Easy to remover
  • Already supported in SDK

Also Ingenico’s higher-end retail Pin Pads all have an Audio Jack port where consumer headphones could be plugged in for the visually impaired to be orally guided through the prompts via headphones.  Ingenico supports text to speech on our applications where the consumer is guided through the screen prompts orally.

POS PCI Compliance

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New biometric authenticating cards are making their way to consumers. This obviously would be great for visual impaired people as they would no longer need to enter a PIN number. The card does a thumbprint read. See here: — Here is the PDF on “Biometric System-on-Card” by ST.  For more information on POS solutions like this we recommend contacting David or Rob at UCP Inc.